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Rocky Road 24ptn

Patisserie Royal ~ 24 Portion Tray Bakes

Product Description

Patisserie Royal – 24 portion Tray Bakes
Our Tray Bakes are all pre-portioned, thaw & serve.  They are high quality dessert solutions, cost effective and convenient to serve.  Finishing is generally done by hand to retain that ‘home made’ look.

TBK011 Chocolate Brownies 1 x 24ptn
420734 Apple Slice 1 x 24ptn
784486 Carrot Cake 1 x 24ptn
TBK016 Spicy Pear, Toffee & Pecan Cake 1 x 24ptn
784494 Strawberry Cheesecake 1 x 24ptn
TBK018 Baileys Cheesecake 1 x 24ptn
TBK019 Strawberry Bakewell 1 x 24ptn
555469 Pag Lemon Sponge 1 x 21ptn
TBK009 Caramel Pecan Brownie 1 x 21ptn
TBK023 Red Velvet 1 x 24ptn