Food Safety

C.J. O’Loughlin Quality Foods providers a broad range of fresh, frozen and ambient products.  It is our policy to operate to the highest standards of food safety and to conduct our business under all relevant legislation whilst ensuring excellent customer service.

Food Manufacturers/Producers
All food products are sourced from approved suppliers who have provided us with their HACCP plan and full traceability records to include country of origin.  They continually update and maintain their documentation in line with all Health & Hygiene regulations.

Storage and Distribution
Our Wexford depot was modernised in 2003/2004 and the most current equipment and standards apply to this purpose built facility.  Our fleet of vehicles are multi-temperature for the correct distribution of both fresh and frozen products and maintained under a service schedule. Our staff are supplied with relevant uniforms and/or protective clothing.

This has been reviewed and updated to ISO and E.C. standard in January 2010.  This system is monitored, reviewed and updated on a regular basis with the emphasis on training as a key component of our business.

Registration with Relevant Authorities
-Wexford County Council
-Department of Agriculture
-Bord Bia – the company is registered as a Bord Bia approved supplier of Irish poultry and eggs

 Certificates of Origin may be requested by contacting our office.

Health and Safety
The company Health and Safety Statement is available for inspection and it is our policy to conduct our business with staff, customers and the general public to a high standard of health and safety at work.

Pest Control
We are contracted with Ecolab who conduct regular site visits which are logged in our system and recorded on each site visit.

Insurance is in place relevant to our business and covers all  areas associated with a food distributor.

Food Safety
All relevant staff are trained in Food Safety procedures and all work practices carried out by our staff are in line with ISO and E.C regulation. Staff training is essential and very much part of our business practice. Training is provided to our company by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, which covers training to include food safety, food hygiene and HACCP Principles. This company is a registered training organisation and only qualified trainers carry out these training courses. Staff training is continuous and each staff member has a training record which is held on site.

Temperature Control/Monitoring Procedures
All equipment in our facility including chill rooms and freezers are monitored on a daily basis and recorded.  The temperature of the chill and freezer compartments in our vehicles are monitored and recorded daily to ensure safe delivery of food products to our clients. Regular calibration checks are carried out both internally and externally on our vehicles.

All products delivered to our facility are monitored by 1.Visual Inspection (to include product, packaging, dates, codes)  and 2. Temperature control (products are monitored to ensure they are at the correct temperature).  All products are documented and recorded upon delivery.

Cleaning Schedule
Cleaning schedules are in place for each sector which is documented and verified daily. -Sectors to include:
-Freezers and chill room
-Vehicle fleet
-Warehouse and offices
-Staff facilities

These are reviewed on a monthly basis and changed if necessary.

The HSE and County Council monitor our water quality.

Waste Management
Our waste management programme complies with relevant legislation and packaging is baled for recycling/collection.

Product Recall Procedure
Our product recall procedure is available on request. 

Supplier Certification is available on request.

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