TITLE: The legal and beneficial ownership of goods shall remain with the seller until full payment has been received from the buyer provided that if the goods or any part thereof are resold by the buyer before he has made full payment to the seller aforesaid then the buyer shall forthwith hold trust upon trust for the seller such sum in respect of the goods whether or not proceeds of such resale shall have been received by the buyer provided that nothing herein contained shall affect the seller s rights against the buyers customer.

TERMS OF TRADING: Where credit facilities have been agreed payment is due on the 15th day of each month following the month of delivery.

PAYMENT : Strictly cash on delivery, unless credit terms have previously been arranged with the company. Settlement by DIRECT DEBIT is necessary to ensure continuity of supplies. Legal title to the goods is retained until payment is received in full.

OVERDUE ACCOUNTS: Interest charges will be levied at a rate of 3% per month calculated on the overdue balance.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: When ordering or remitting payment, please quote your Account Number, which is shown on both invoices and statements.

DELIVERY: All goods should be checked and signed by the customer or their agent at the time of delivery. No claims for damages, shortages or incorrect goods will be allowed unless reported at the time of delivery. Non-conforming products must be retained for our inspection. No claims arising from temperature effect will be entertained after delivery has been accepted. To ensure following day delivery, all orders must be placed before 10pm.

PRICES: Although every effort will be made to hold them firm, all prices are subject to change without notice. The effective price will be that at the time of dispatch.

RETURNS: Our drivers are nt permitted to accept goods for return without appropriate documentation. Documents for collection of damaged or defective goods can be requested via telesales. Temperature controlled products (frozen and chilled) will not be uplifted other than at the time of initial delivery.

PRODUCT DURABILITY: Most food products with a life from manufacture of  twelve months or less must be dated with a Best Before or a Sell By Statement. We as a company make every endeavour to ensure that all dated stock has an optimum remaining life when we sell to our customers. All customers are advised to check the durability dates upon receipt. We therefore regret that we are unable to accept returned products relating to date coding from our customers.


Please note that your call may be monitored by one of our telesales managers to assist training and development of our staff as part of an ongoing training initiative to improve our service.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this brochures contents.  However range and pack sizes may be subject to change without prior notice.